The School


The School of Management and Economics (hereinafter “School”) is instituted in accordance with the Statute of the University of Turin, pursuant to article 24 et seq.

The School is composed of two departments:


The Director of the School is professor Marina Damilano.


The headquarters of the School are located in Corso Unione Sovietica. The main activities of the Departments and of the School are carried out there. It's housed in a historical building, in Turin which was previously a home for the ElderlyThe building dates back to the second half of the 19th century, between 1881-1887 and was designed by Crescentino Caselli. The particular comb shape and the unusual use of space mean that there was the potential to accommodate all the institutional activities into this unique building. The headquarters of the School were in Piazza Arbarello until 1993. In 2018, the School celebrated the 25th anniversary of this new location. 


The School organizes all the activities and services of the two Departments. It deals with the standard services for students, such as agreements with external and private companies regarding didactic activities pertaining to its Degree Courses.

The School coordinates services such as Orientation, Tutoring, Students’ Mobility, and Job Placement for the enrolled students.

The Services Center was created by the Department of Management and the Department of ESOMAS using the technical-administrative personnel of both Departments.

The aim of the Services Center is to assist the School in the organization of the scheduling and the didactic activities of the Degree Courses.

It also manages the administrative procedures related to the didactic and research activities carried out by the two Departments.


The didactic activities related to the courses belonging to the School are carried out in three locations:



  • Corso Unione Sovietica 218/bis which is the headquarters and where almost all the Degree Courses are held;
  •  SAA School of Management – Via Ventimiglia, 115 – where there are the didactic activities related to the Management dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione Aziendale degree courses.


  • Via Ferraris di Celle, 2 - where there are the didactic activities related to the Business Management courses – First Cycle Degree in Business Administration.