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Erasmus Programme

The School of Management and Economics, often abbreviated as SME, has a long tradition of international cooperation and reached the Erasmus Programme since its very beginning with more than 70 interinstitutional cooperation agreements all over the world, more than 100 Erasmus bilateral Agreements and international Professors and Researchers.


SME is composed of 2 Departments:

  1. the Department of Management;
  2. the Department of Social, Economical, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (ESOMAS).


Students can attend:

  • all undergraduate degree's and postgraduate degree's courses offered by our departments (Management and ESOMAS), regardless of the language of tuition;
  • some courses may have some restrictions related to the number of students admitted. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for an official confirmation.


Our courses are mainly held in our two campuses:


All the courses are listed in the attachment: