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   - Need a help with

   Learning Agreement/ Study Plan, how to find timetable and so on or simply missed our Welcome Meeting and need to give us your certificate of arrival???

   We higly recommend to come on:

   Q & A session
   Friday, 7 Oct at 9.30 a.m. at CLASSROOM C,  1st floor


   Q & A session
   Wednesday, 21nd Sept at 9.00 a.m. at CLASSROOM C,  1st floor
   Friday, 23rd Sept same time  at CLASSROOM D, 1st floor


   Wednesday, 28th Sept at 1,00 pm. guided tour of the library



- Business Management and International Accounting Degree Courses:

   short presentation by Students' coordinator EV Courses  on

   Tuesday, 20th Sept at 2,00 pm. at CLASSROOM MAGNA (new building)



WELCOME MEETING 2016, 15th September