The School Board

The School Board is the deliberative body.


In particular:

  • it deliberates on all subjects pertaining to its competence;
  • it approves both the proposals and the opinions pertaining to its competence;
  • it receives information – regarding the needs of the Faculty and the technical - administrative personnel for the execution of the didactic tasks. The information received from the Degree Committee is then sent by the School Board to the Departments involved;
  • on the Director’s proposal, the School Board approves the plan regarding the needs of the tecnical-administrative personnel of the School, in relation with the scheduled deadlines of the Organization Regulation of the University of Turin;
  • it approves the project of the School - art. 24, clause 2 of the Statute of the University of Turin;
  • it appoints the members of the Joint Committee of Didactic Activities and professors-students, art. 9;
  • it approves the creation of other provisional or permanent Committees indicated in the present Regulation;
  • it approves the School Regulation and any changes, pursuant to  art. 13 of the present Regulation, by an absolute majority of its own members;
  • it carries out all further tasks provided for by law or other regulations in force.


The School Board is composed of:


The Director of the School:

  • Professor Marina Damilano.


The Heads of the Departments:

  • Professor Francesca Culasso - Department of Management
  • Professor Paolo Ghirardato - Department of ESOMAS


The Professors representatives:         

  • Prof. Valter Cantino
  • Prof. Francesco Devicienti
  • Prof. Paola De Vincentiis
  • Prof. Elisa Giacosa
  • Prof. Marina Nuciari
  • Prof. Davide Vannoni
  • Prof. Elena Vigna


The Student representatives:

  • Abel Dall'Olio
  • Cedomir Giuseppe Maria Malgieri
  • Ammr Mohamed Abdel Sayed


The technical – administrative personnel representatives attend to the School board meetings without voting rights.