The Orientation Committee

The Orientation Committee (hereinafter “The Committee”) is appointed by the School Board, with the participation of the student representatives.

The Committee coordinates the activities and the orientation initiatives of the Degree Courses pertaining to the Departments of the School of Management and Economics - pursuant to the instructions issued by the specific University Committee.

The Orientation Committee of the School may partly or totally absorb the Orientation Committee of the Departments and, should this be the case, it is appointed on the proposal of the Department Councils which jointly define both its structure and competences.

The Committee is composed of:

  • the Director of the School;
  • n. 2 (two) members appointed by the Department of Management;
  • n. 2 (two) members appointed by the Department of ESOMAS;
  • n. 5 (five) student representatives from the School Committee.



  • Marina Damilano



  • Bernardo Bortolotti
  • Paolo Ghirardato
  • Elisa Giacosa
  • Margherita Poto



  • Edoardo Ferrarese
  • Andrea Paolo Villata