The Joint Teaching Commission

The Joint Joint Teaching Commission is composed of Professors and students of the Departments of Management and ESOMAS.


This is the main assessment body which oversees degree course design, structure and outcome, paying close attention to students’ point of view and far-reaching influence, which in turn complement the centrally managed Quality Presidium and Assessment Board. The Joint Teaching Commission publishes an Annual Report, which includes:

  • random assessment of all course descriptions and quality control of degree course records
  • monitoring improvement which the Assessment Board had previously identified in self-assessments or observations
  • in-depth study of EduMeter results - including interviews with the Boards' student self-assessment committees - and follow-up of student reports.


The Quality Presidium collects the Annual Reports and sends them to MUR, the University Assessment Committee and Academic Senate.


Joint Teaching Commissions also formulate opinions on new courses, make major changes to teaching regulations and proposals to change the degree course location or request a new location. This is based on documents that the Ministry of University and Research, ANVUR and the CUN prepare or update every academic year, to ensure compliance with the quality requirements for initial accreditation as per DM 1154/21- Annex A.2. Joint Teaching Commissions assess the draft module of the proposed degree course, ie study plan, course objectives, teaching and learning assessment methods, quality of the courses available and adequacy of teaching resources and facilities.


The Joint Teaching Commission oversees the Departments of Management and ESOMAS is comprised of:


The Professor representatives

President: Margherita Borella (


The Student representatives