Summer exam session 2020/2021: info about exams in remote and in-person modality

Dear students,

in accordance with Coreco, the Rector has authorised the resumption of in-person teaching activities.


Since the teaching period of the second semester at the School of Management and  Economics (SME) is now coming to an end, each professor will decide - also depending on the status of advancement of the program - how to conclude his or her teaching, in compliance with the rules of distancing.


You will receive updates about the schedule of prosecution of each teaching activity through the Moodle platformIf you decide to attend the onsite scheduled activities, we remind you that it is always necessary to book a place through the Student Booking platform and that it is mandatory to properly wear a face mask during the entire stay at the SME campus. We also invite you to avoid gatherings and to respect safety distances outside the School at the entrance, exit and during breaks from the lessons.





Summer exam session 2020/2021

As for the next summer exam session, written and oral exams will be held in the classroom unless changes in the program are imposed by the evolution of the pandemic situation.


Students living outside the region or with particular situations of fragility can still request to take the exam in remote modality, by providing appropriate documentation or self-certification. Teachers may decide to proceed to an oral examination for students who request to take the test in remote modality.


Details on face-to-face and remote exam modalities will be provided through the Moodle and Campusnet pages of the individual teaching courses.


Students residing/living outside of the Region, in quarantine or in vulnerability conditions

As stated by the Decreto Rettorale d’Urgenza n 1561 of April 16th, 2021, students residing or living off-campus, in quarantine, in (or living with relatives in) high vulnerability conditions will have the possibility to request the remote exam modality, by following the guidelines below.


A.    Students residing or living outside the Region and/or in quarantine (compulsory or precautionary) have to:

  • Regularly register to the exam through Esse3 and specify in the “Note” section their request of remote modality and the related motivation (“Residing outside the Region” or “Living outside the Region” or “Quarantine”);
  • Send the self-certification (download form here) properly signed and accompanied by a copy of the front/back of the identification document to the professor.

Please note that the temporary condition of living outside the Region does not automatically imply that the student is entitled to take the exam remotely; the Exam Commission will evaluate the gravity of the condition and decide whether to grant this possibility or not.


B.    Students in (or living with relatives in) high vulnerability conditions have to:

  • Regularly register to the exam through Esse3 and specify in the “Note” section their request of remote modality and the related motivation (“Vulnerability”);
  • Send the self-certification (download form here) properly signed and accompanied by a copy of the front/back of the identification document to the professor, along with the medical certification who confirms the presence of this condition without specifying the nature or indicating other sensitive health data.

In case of conditions of "high vulnerability", please refer to the definition of Categoria 1, Tabella 1 o Tabella 2, of the Raccomandazioni ad interim sui gruppi target della vaccinazione anti Sars-Cov2/Covid 19 of the Ministero della Salute, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, Serie generale, of March 23rd, 2021, n. 72 (please consult the Ministero della Salute website).


We remind you that providing false declarations and/or false documents is a crime. The administration reserves the right to carry out inspections, even on a sample basis, on the truthfulness and the authenticity of what has been declared or communicated.


Guidelines for in-person exams participation


Access to the School


Firstly, we remind you a few things to keep in mind.


  • Register your access through QR-CODE

In order to track every access in the Campus, QR-CODES have been posted at the entrances of each Campus for entrance and exit registration.

    1. Download the myUniTo+ App (available on AppStore and GooglePlay);
    2. Click on QRCode Reader on the menu and frame the QRCode;
    3. Log in to the form with your University credentials;
    4. Mark your entrance and exit.

  • Mandatory use of a face mask:

    - in public spaces of the School (hall, toilets, hallways, etc.);
    - when moving from one space to another;
    - during lessons in the classrooms.

  • Respect social distancing of at least 1 meter and avoid gathering in the hallways and in proximity of classrooms, toilets and vending machines;
  • Frequently disinfect your hands, always before entering the classrooms, with the alcoholic solutions available;
  • Only sit on the allowed seats.



Access to the classrooms


The access to the classroom is only allowed within 15 minutes before the exam starts and it is organized as follows. for more details, please consult the maps attached.


Entrance point: via Filadeflia 73 (see map)


>>> Entrance and exit from the hall of the Nuovo Polo Didattico

  • Classrooms Gialla and Verde (ground floor, Nuovo Polo Didattico);
  • Aula Magna (-1 floor, Nuovo Polo Didattico);
  • Classrooms Rosa and Azzurra (-2 floor, Nuovo Polo Didattico).


>>> Side entrance next CSI Piemonte

  • Jona classroom (ground floor, Historic Building).


>>> External lower ramps (right and left) under Jona classroom

  • Classrooms 1 and 2 (-1 floor, Historic Building)


Entrance point: corso Unione Sovietica 220 (see map)


>>> Entrance and exit from the monumental hall, Historic Building

  • Classrooms Rossa and Blu (ground floor, Nuovo Polo Didattico);
  • Classrooms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (ground floor, Historic Building),
  • IT labs B, C, D (1st floor, Historic Building);
  • Classrooms 9, 10, 11, 12, 30, Castellino, Corradetti (3rd floor, Historic Building).



⚠️ Please carefully follow the sign and directions given in the building.



Please also remember that:

  • identification operations will take place in the classroom, directly at your seat;
  • once the examination is over, wait for the professor instructions before leaving;
  • it is not possible to stay in the building (hall, hallways, vending machines etc.) after leaving the classroom.






Summer Graduation session

Also the summer session for the presentation of the Master's Degree thesis should take place in presence, with measures to limit the gatherings that will be defined in the next weeks by the Polo Covid Committee. The ceremonies of proclamation of the Bachelor's Degree graduates remain suspended.





Francesca Culasso, Director, Department of Management

Paolo Ghirardato, Director, Department of ESOMAS

Paola De Vincentiis, Teaching Vice-Director, Department of Management

Davide Vannoni,  Teaching Vice-Director, Department of ESOMAS