Online graduation session of Master's degrees - November 2020

Following a careful organizational evaluation carried out by the Teaching services Office and considering the current Covid19 resurgence, the Departments of Management and ESOMAS have resolved that students will defend their thesis remotely also during the November 2020 session.


This decision has been taken also considering the results of a recent survey which showed that about two thirds of graduands prefer remote defense or have difficulty attending a face-to-face session.


Besides the outcomes of this survey, other concerns and difficulties related to the current evolution of the health situation have led to this decision, such as: the uncertainty about the possibility of welcoming external guests at the School of Management and Economics (SME) during the defense in the near future; the uncertainty about professor’s participation in face-to-face sessions, because of any personal frailties or situations of prudential quarantine; the continuing uncertainty about the social distancing measures that may be introduced and are being approved by our Region.


It is therefore considered more prudent to continue to organize the graduation sessions remotely, avoiding a series of uncertainties that could occur even very close to the session and that would risk undermining its correct development creating inconvenience and sudden program changes for candidates and their families.