Entrance Test of September 2nd - check where you will sit the test

Students who have to sit the entrance test for Master Degree Programs on the 2nd September 2019 are required to present themself at the entrance of the School in Via Filadelfia 73

Gates will be opened at 9 am and the test will strictly start at 10:30 am


Students will sit the test as illustrated below: 

  • Aula Verde - right side from Abba to Bottiglieri
  • Aula Verde - left side from Bovetti to D'Agostino Giulia
  • Aula Gialla - right side from D'Agostino Nicolò to Garelli
  • Aula Gialla - left side from Garetto to Marando
  • Aula Blu -right side from Marangi to Pasquale
  • Aula Blu - left side from Pasqualini to Savu
  • Aula Rossa -right side from Scaccianoce to Zop
  • Aula Rossa - left side (test in English) from Accatino to Zanzariello
  • Aula 5 (suitable for candidates with disabilities and SLD) from Bort. to Tagl.


We remind you that the absence of the candidate on the day, place and time established for the test will be considered as a waiver of the test, whatever the cause or impediment that has caused said absence.