Application for international students: new call dedicated to European applicants and non-European applicants legally residing in Italy

If you have a qualification issued by a non-Italian High School or University and you wish to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate, 5-year or 6-year degree program, the online application procedure Apply@Unito is mandatory. Applications are received during the following periods:

  • applications for postgraduate degree programs are received from 15th May to 16th June 2019;
  • applications for undergraduate or 5/6 year postgraduate degrees are received from 1st June to 1st August 2019.

Applicants will receive a feedback after 2 months from the end of the specific call.


The call dedicated to Non-European applicants not legally residing in Italy opened on 14th January and closed on 14th April 2019. If you are a Non-European applicant not legally residing in Italy and you did not submit your application by 14th of April, no other calls for the a.y. 2019-2020 will be available.


In the related page, you can find an overview of the application process with specific information about every step along the way: