Logistics and Informatics division

The main activities are the following:

  • management of the lecture rooms and of the spaces within the School
  • Scheduling the timetable of didactic activities and exams
  • maintenance work/service
  • remedial action in order to inform, warn and safeguard on matters regarding health and safety
  • management of the reception areas and the security of the School
  • management of the network connection and the phone line
  • management and development of the Websites of the Departments belonging to the School
  • Research, development  and management of informatic tools used for the didactic activities (such as Campusnet, Moodle)
  • Management of the e-learning activities and the platform
  • Management of the Informatics certifications for the students enrolled on  the courses that have the exam
  • Informatics Help-desk for Professors and technical- administrative personnel.

The sector cooperates both with the Department and the School body within each field of competence.