Teachers Mobility


The new european program ERAMUS +gives to the professors the possibility of  spending a brief stay for teaching at foreign University Partners which have signed a bilateral agreements.

The main missions of ERASMUS teaching Staff are those of :

  • offering some training updates and professional growth;

  • contributing to the production of new academic material;

  • promoting experiences and skills exchange about the didactical methodologies.


Erasmus + presents some news about the Teaching Staff program:

  • the minimum number of teaching is 8 hours per week (for the mobilities which last less of one week  it’s necessary to teach at least 8 hours  of lectures);

  • the period of the mobility can be between 2 and 60 days, without considering the travel days.

Considering the new financial statement procedures about the mobilities, the Erasmus Commitee delegates have deliberated that the assignment of  flow is based on the chronological order of the receiving requests of the professors.


The request of flow for mobility must be exclusively sent  attaching the Invitation letter of the foreign  host University.


For further information read carefully the UniTO Webpage