International mobility for double degrees

You can pursue a course of study aimed at obtaining two or more academic degrees (double degree), through integrated academic plan and alternate attendance at the University of Turin and one another international university. 


The courses of study in the School of Management and Economics that provide a double degree are:


Applicants interested in double degree program, must apply through the Erasmus Call for Applications and may express up to a maximum of two preferences. However, the choice of double degree must compulsorily appear as the first preference. The choice of double degree as second preference will not be considered.


Candidates and applicants will undergo a de visu interview aimed at ascertaining language proficiency and suitability for the pathway.
Criteria used for selection refer to academic record, language knowledge and skills, and reasons for selection.



2023-24 Double degree programs interview results
3 February 2023

publication of the results double degree programme 2023-2024.